Day Thirteen – One In Two Out

I think Dana explains it best on her blog A Slob Comes Clean, but to some of us the one in one out rule just doesn't work.

I have heard of several challenges to get rid of a certain number of items a day. These can have varying rules such as: does a pair of shoes count as one or two items? I have attempted to go by these challenges and while I seem to rock day one, day 2-whenever are a failure due to the chaos of my life.

As you've probably noticed if you've followed me on my blog, I will plan a day at home to tackle projects only to be whisked away to who-knows-where, helping someone to do who-knows-what, with the end result being the same of coming home late and pushing my tasks off to the next day. The only way I've been able to stay accountable to my tasks has been to keep my weekly habit tracker in my bullet journal, and writing this blog.

Today was just such a day. I had the wonderful opportunity to see family, but came home wondering what I was going to tackle at 8pm that I could write about and feel accomplished in my journey to minimalism. That was when I remembered what I bought today: new underwear.

Now, I know typically purchasing things is not very minimalistic, but there's a purpose to this. I am striving to get out of the rut of purchasing low quality items, that I don't care for well because they are low quality. On top of that I have too many of the low quality items, leading to my drawers and shelves being over filled with junk that doesn't look or feel good. So while I am following Dave Ramsey's book, I am determining that when I make a purchase it is both high quality and the amount that I need. This gives me the ability to get rid of the low quality items and replace them with high quality possessions.

Tonight, I practiced this rule with my underwear. While I'm not going to show you a picture of my underwear, I will show you my underwear drawer.

Here is a before picture, my underwear drawer is the top left cream drawer, that you can see is overflowing.

Tonight I dumped it out on my bed and went through each pair and threw out anything that was the wrong size, faded, or had holes. I ended up throwing out 11 pairs of underwear.
I had purchased 6 pairs today, so it was nearly a one in, two out swap.

Here is what my drawer looks like now.

Now, they easily fit without even nearing the top. I also have the assurance that anything I grab out of here fits perfectly.

It really gives me such peace of mind to see my drawers not overflowing and easily organized. I do have a couple other drawers that need attention, but for now this is a great start.

Also, as it is the end of the week, here is how my habit tracker has filled up.

I did dishes and made the bed every single day. I kept up with laundry and found myself tidying up bits here and there throughout the house. I did 8wtc and mfp, which are my 8 week training workout and my fitness pal. I knew I would not get to my training program this week, but put it there to remind myself next week is my starting week. I didn't use my fitness pal much, but did become much more aware of my eating habits and lost another pound this week.

I am so happy with how these two accountability methods have been working for me and am excited to see what next week will bring.

Do you use the one in one out rule? What is your favorite minimalism challenge? Let me know in the comments.

Until tomorrow,