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Being Minimal During a Remodel

The past four months have been incredibly stressful and overwhelming to say the least, but today I’d like to show you what has been going on and why I haven’t been able to post anything about actual minimalism.

On September 6th, I came home from a Dr. appointment with my son to find that my kitchen had been completely flooded.  A pipe burst under the sink and there was two inches of standing water throughout the kitchen, dining room, and hallway.

My husband, son, and I were put up in a hotel for 10 days while half of the kitchen was gutted.  Little did we know, that was only the beginning of our struggle.

I had just achieved so many things in respect to setting good habits and minimizing many of our things, especially in the kitchen.  Now, I wasn’t even able to wash a single dish, and all of our meals had to come out of the microwave and plastic ware.

The rest of the kitchen was soon gutted down to the studs by the beginning of November.  I cried when I realized that I would not be able to host Thanksgiving or Christmas as I had planned.  I had just quit my two side jobs in September, and decided to not do any classes as I wanted to spend the autumn season decorating and focusing on family.  Instead, it was spent trying to keep us afloat and learn how to feed my toddler, my husband, and myself without any way to cook or clean.

One thing that I am very thankful for is that minimalism taught me to keep those habits in anyway that I can.  I continued to make certain the bed was made each morning, the laundry was done each week, and to maintain any and all sense of normalcy.  This became my coping mechanism, and while I didn’t declutter or throw anything out, I did make certain that my little family had what we needed and kept as much of a normal schedule as possible.

My dad and husband worked nights and weekends trying to piece our kitchen back together from October through all of December and up to this past week.

When it did start to come together in December, it was amazing.  Our cabinets were set in place, and the counter tops are one day from being finished.  I was able to run my first load of dishes on Sunday, December 24th.  My Christmas was spent happily doing dishes and putting them away.

Here are a few pictures of my kitchen as it is today.

Originally, I had planned to do a big reveal when we were all done, but my husband suggested that I share how I am sifting through things and deciding what stays and what goes.

My biggest rule is that if it doesn’t fit, it goes.  The cabinets and shelves are my containers and I can only have as much as will easily fit in each of them.  No stashing, cramming, or stacking is allowed, except what will easily nest.

Eventually, after we have sorted down exactly what we will keep, I will be buying a set of organizers from Rev-a-shelf, for each cabinet, so that the pots, pans, and bowls will no longer be stacked.

I am very excited and proud of how my kitchen is turning out.  I am in love with my hickory cabinets, and white countertops. In the end of this remodel mess, I have been able to pursue minimalism even farther and maintain the motto of keeping only what I love and use.

Until tomorrow,

Mom Minimal

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