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Bullet Journal: Tools of the Month

Only a half a week has passed, but I’m already ready to share my review of this layout.  In short: I love it!  The freedom I get to jot down notes and decorate it is wonderful.  I got so excited about it I went ahead and created next week, but with one addition

Before I wrote out the next week, I realized I wanted a free page to jot down my thoughts about projects I’m working on this month and on making plans for this blog.  So I created a two page brain dump spread.

On the left I have all of the projects and ideas for my home, while on the right I have notes and ideas for my blog.  I even created a list of future posts and a schedule for them!

I’ve decided to restructure this blog a little bit and I am really excited about it.  So far, this blog has been a bit of a diary where I have shared all of my ups and downs of my pursuit of minimalism.  That will continue, but in a smaller way.  Now, I will be releasing posts 3 times a week, with each post being focused on either meal prep, bullet journaling, or on my decluttering efforts.

Here is next week’s layout.  I added a little bit of color and moved the habit tracker down so I could add a few things to it.

I’ve decided to include one or two new items in my habit tracker each month.  Most of these will be cleaning habits I want to get into.  In this one I included sweeping because I want to try to sweep at least one room of the house every day of the week.  I figure if I can do that consistently then my floors will stay cleaner all of the time and when I clean up small messes made by my toddler it won’t be such a big deal.

Here are all of my favorite bullet journaling tools this month.  I use Crayola Supertip Markers, a mechanical pencil, an eraser pen, a Micron Sakura Black .03 pen, and a set of metallic gel pens.  This month I also added the SAFE-T Compass found on Amazon here.  Of course, I also use washi tape, my classic Leuchtturm 1917, and love to watch YouTube tutorials for inspiration.

Today, I went through some of my stationary goods and was so happy to find these neat magnetic bookmarks.

Usually I wrap the side of my important pages with some washi tape, but since I’ve been using my journal for nearly a year it is getting difficult to quickly find this week’s layout, as well as other recent pages.  These bookmarks from Recollections have made a world of difference, not to mention they’re really cute!

I am so glad I took the plunge to try something new with my journal and be more creative in how I decorate it.  I definitely encourage anyone to try bullet journaling, or even to just try out a new layout.  It’s so easy to get stuck in one pattern, but it’s very fun to play and try new techniques.

Happy Journaling!

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