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Becoming a Minimalist as a First Time Mom

Day 20 – Preparing for a Minimalist Garden

So, I have been avoiding something. Well, I've been avoiding a lot of things to be honest, but I've really been avoiding this task.

Mainly because this task involves back breaking labor, and a lot of it, like hours of back breaking, sweaty, gross labor.

I can do it, but I will pay for it in terms of soreness and tiredness.

I present to you, project A:

See those rocks? Those are beautiful, very expensive, river rocks. I love river rock. They're so pretty and are great ground cover.

The problem here though, is that is my front entry path, and that is a 6 inch thick pile of river rock. It is not fun to walk through, and I definitely can't plant a single thing there.

The previous owners created pretty flower beds, but filled them all with river rock, and didn't plant anything at all. There was only one plant, and it was mostly old and dead.

So, my husband and I have decided to move the river rock to go under my very gorgeous rhododendrons instead. That way I can keep the rock, but also gain a garden.

My plan for the pathway is to pour a rock path and put potted plants on top.

I found this at Home Depot a few months ago and am going to use it to make the pathway.

Hopefully it goes smoothly when I do.

After about 3 hours, we had the rock pretty much cleared.

Now my goal is to take 2' sections and dig a few inches below the dirt and pour concrete. Then I can put my plants in their pots on top and move them easily. I will be planting moss in between the stones too.

After I finished with that I did basic tidying around my house and dishes too. While getting ready for bed, I looked in my closet and realized I had two tshirts I never ever wear. So, I got them ready to be donated.

I admit I felt quite proud of myself to have done some mindless decluttering.

Today was more of a relaxed day, but I still got quite a bit done. Here's to hoping my back doesn't hurt tomorrow from those rocks.

What would you do with those river rocks? I have lots more than that little pile and would love ideas on how to use them efficiently, and in a way that will show them off.

Until tomorrow,
Mom Minimal

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