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Day 21 – Succeeding Through Failure

I failed.

Yup, yesterday I failed.

I didn't do the laundry. I didn't sweep. I didn't even do the dishes., and I didn't write my blogpost.

According to my habit tracker, yesterday was a complete failure.

But you know what I did do yesterday?

I succeeded in having a fun, relaxing, and incredible day with my husband and son. It was absolutely amazing.

Today, I picked up the messes and did the dishes. My house is back to the way it was, if not cleaner. I also meal prepped for the week so I don't have to cook again.

This week is important to me as it's my birthday week and I really want to take it easy as much as possible but I also want to care for my husband and son and home. I have started to take such delight in the small things like folding laundry on my made bed.

I'm really amazed at my changed perspective in only these 21 days. I used to dread any type of house cleaning, but now that I've been both decluttering and doing housework daily, a day seems strange without it. I find myself randomly picking things up, or doing the dishes throughout the day so I don't have to do them all at night. I'm very excited to see where I'll be a month from now.

I did work on my bullet journal yesterday. I created this week's log.

I love to write a bit of scripture above my week in hand lettering. I really like this layout. That's what I love about bullet journals is how you can customize it to exactly what you need.

The left page is for my important to dos and groceries and appointments, while the right page is focused on thinking ahead and planning and ideas.

I have some more important tasks to do tomorrow, and I'm hoping to tackle another big decluttering project.

How do you use your weekly log in your bullet journal? Let me know in the comments your favorite part of your bullet journals weekly log.

Until tomorrow,
Mom Minimal

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