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Becoming a Minimalist as a First Time Mom

Day 22 – Avoiding It No Longer

I've got a question. Do minimalists have storage rooms?

I mean most everyone I know has a storage room for out of season decor and items, and I'm really curious about this. Do minimalists store things like Christmas tree stands and winter blankets?

Whatever the case may be, I don't like to think about my storage room. My storage room happens to be my 2nd bedroom, or what should be my son's room.

We're getting to the point where he needs to be moved into it in a month or so, so I can avoid it no longer. It's time I delved into my storage room and did some serious minimalizing.

Here's the before pictures of when I started this morning.

Oh, yikes!! I may have had a small major panic attack when I realized I had to tackle this today.

I think the most terrifying and frustrating thing about this room is that the majority of it is stuff I'm trying to get rid of. I either want to sell or donate several of these items but simply don't have the time, or they haven't sold since posting them for sale.

It's difficult deciding when to give up and just donate something after it hasn't sold. Now I'm figuring that if it hasn't actually sold in a month that I should just get rid of it.

To calm my nerves I went for the easiest things first. I gathered all actual trash into a big box. It's mostly burnables, but we are in a no burn season, so I have to store it for a few months unfortunately, but at least it's all in one place and not in the walk path.

Next, I placed like items with like items. I put all of the empty boxes and bags in one corner of the room. That way they are in easy reach for whatever I need them for.

In this mess is a bag of clothes and a box of shoes that have been up for sale for 2 months. I could take them to consignment, but honestly taking the time to do that while caring for my boy is much harder than the couple dollars is worth, so I gathered them up for donation.

These will be dropped off tomorrow, and out of my way.

Also, you see that pile of towels? Well, I got them out of the house too and gave them to my husband for shop rags.

I did move a couple cabinets around, but I'll show you those pictures another day as I have to empty them out and refinish them.

Here's the final result tonight.

There is now a nice clear walking path all the way around the room!

There is still quite a lot of sorting that needs done, especially paper work and that desk, but at least I can get to everything and do bits of sorting throughout the week.

I'm very happy I tackled this project today and can't wait to get more done over the next few weeks.

Do you have a storage room? What do you use it for as a minimalist? Let me know in the comments if you think a storage room is a practical thing for minimalists to have.

Until tomorrow,
Mom Minimal

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