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Becoming a Minimalist as a First Time Mom

Day 24 – Keeping Inspired

Today was awesome. I had lunch with my husband, practiced piano with a friend, and got to go out to eat tonight with my husband, son, and mother in law.

Overall it was an amazing day.

I didn't accomplish a whole lot in the house. I made my bed and did my dishes and some laundry that I'll finish tomorrow,.

Instead I sought out inspiration. My husband and I are looking at designing our home and decorating and so I have been perusing various blogs, instagram sites, Pinterest pins, and tweets to help me keep my vision for the house and refine it a bit better.

Here are a few photos that I simply adore.

The first is an instagram board I love by A Carried Affair Designs but this picture specifically caught my heart.

I really love the white walls paired with brushed nickel hardware, rustic wood accents and the bits of greenery. I also love the white pitchers. This picture has inspired me to take a look at my dishes again and see if it really fits the look I'm going for. While I can't replace them now, I am considering replacing them with all white or white and glass dishes.

These are my current dishes.

They are cute, but definitely don't match the decor I'm going for. If I were to keep either though, I think it would be the green ones. I'm on a mission against beige right now as my entire house is beige. Even the toilets and showers are beige. So, I am trying to paint as many walls white as possible.

Here are some other inspiration pictures from the blog Ppebble

I'm in love with the two kitchens above. Between the white marble and the rustic wood shelves I dream of having a kitchen like these.
I also really appreciate this kitchen as it combines those simple white staple decor and combines it with bright lively colors. I love the idea of bringing in fresh flowers and vegetables and fruit to accent my bright kitchen.

This last kitchen captures my heart in a different way. The dark gray cabinets against the white backsplash seems so sophisticated and easy to clean. I love the simple work island as well.

Whichever I choose, I know I am going to have to paint my cabinets, which are currently a pressboard/gold oak stain.

The beige countertop and wood tone cabinets seem so dark. I do know that this picture was taken at night versus the other taken during the day, but still I hope to have much brighter surfaces one day.

Slowly, I am accumulating decor that fits my taste. Recently I purchased some coasters that I love.

They are gray marble and keep me inspired that one day I will decorate my home in that simple, bright, and lovely minimalistic style.

What keeps you inspired in your home decor? Let me know in the comments how you keep your vision for minimalism going.

Until tomorrow,
Mom Minimal

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