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Becoming a Minimalist as a First Time Mom

Day 25 – Why do I want to be a Minimalist as a Mom

It’s a crazy thought right?  I’m a new mom to an amazing boy, a wife to a wonderful husband, and we own a gorgeous home on a half acre of land by the sea.  Life is at its absolute craziest right now as we consider the big questions of when to have another baby, when do we want to start travelling, what are the truly important things in life to us, and what dreams do we need to let go of for a while so we can focus on other dreams.

So why am I pursuing minimalism?  In short, because when everything is crazy and loud and big choices need to be made, I long for a peaceful morning when I get up before everyone else, snuggle up on my couch with my coffee and Bible and I seek the Lord’s face.  In that time I don’t want any distractions, no dirty dishes, no undone laundry, and I definitely don’t want to be stepping around piles of clutter.

I want to be a minimalist because I am an anxious person that feels rushed no matter what I am doing.  I feel as though I need to do it quickly and efficiently, or else I feel that the world will end.  Taking time to smell the flowers is a very foreign concept to me, one that my husband has been trying to teach me for years.

I want to be a minimalist so that I can freely and without guilt stop and have a coffee by the beach one day and not even pay attention to the time.  I want to be a minimalist so that I can look around my home, and even if some things are in disarray feel that it’s ok, because in less than 2 minutes I will have it tidied.  I don’t want to stress over how things are getting ruined because I don’t have time to care for them.  I want to have the time to sew a button back onto my husband’s shirt, or to just go and play with my son at a park.

Simply, I want to be a minimalist in things so I can enjoy serving God, loving my husband, caring for my son, and living my life without getting distracted by things that only drain my time and energy.

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