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Becoming a Minimalist as a First Time Mom

Day 26 – Being a Minimalist on the Go

I think there's one fact about life that we can expect, that inevitably there will be the unexpected.

If you browse any fitness, financial, or organizing website or comment board you will often people begin to say: "I know I'm working on x but y has happened and I can't finish x."

Oftentimes trainers will lament that the person didn't have enough drive or passion to keep up with their goal. While I agree to some extent that excuses are simply excuses, I believe that there is another factor: fear.

I feel that people are afraid that if they don't pause their goal and take care of y that everything will fall apart. So how do you stop this cycle from happening?

By preparing for the unexpected. This goes more than just saying no matter what I'm sticking to my goals. Instead it goes with the thought that life needs a bit of leeway and understanding and preparing for those situations. Many fitness trainers will help by suggesting carrying a protein bar with you, or by preparing your meals for the week in one day.

The unexpected has happened in my life during what I expected to be the busiest week of my year. With the solar eclipse happening and me living in the total eclipse zone, as well as my church having revival week; my husband and I have first prepared by staying with my parents for a week. I have planned to continue my minimalism goals with a bit of understanding and forethought.

I'm considering this a challenge to live with much less than I usually do, but also with a bit of leeway. I still want my coffee maker and instead of 7 pairs of shoes I will only bring 4.

It doesn't sound very minimalistic perhaps, but it is for me. Last week I donated nearly 16 pairs of shoes, over half of my stash.

In tonight's post I would like to discuss my hair products that I have packed for this trip.

Here's my products:

From left to right I have:

  • Frozen Stiff by Beyond the Zone
  • Turn up the Heat by Beyond the Zone
  • BBB spray Blonde Idol by Redken
  • Argan Oil spray
  • Dry Shampoo by Pantene
  • A goody comb
  • Small bobby pins
  • Large bobby pins

In the top I also have my purple Wet Brush which I absolutely love, and my boars head brush.

I have long red gold hair that gets frizzy very easy and these are the products I have used regularly for over 2 years. I also use Redken All Soft shampoo and conditioner. These products have saved me from many headaches and have proven to be the only ones to reduce frizz and increase shine.

I also have packed my curling iron and flat iron

All of these are ceramic and also have helped care for my hair. I admit I use them rarely simply because I'm too lazy to curl all of my thick hair, but I do keep them for special occasions as I do enjoy having my hair curled.

While I am only not traveling far and am planning to be able to visit home a couple times this week, I have decided to pack all of my personal items alas if I'm going on a trip.

This is the first layer of my suitcase. I am planning later tonight to work on packing all of my clothes.

It may seem like a lot of products and I look at them and think about that, however I realize I do use absolutely everything in this suitcase. That is my goal, to only pack what I know for a fact I will use.

While I am away I will continue with my habit tracker, even washing the dishes and making my bed. I want to practice tidiness no matter where I am and to become a tidier person always.

Are you traveling for the eclipse? What are some of your favorite packing tips and tricks?
Let me know in the comments.

Until tomorrow,
Mom Minimal

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