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Day 30 – The Uneasy Feeling of Letting Go

In yesterday’s post, I celebrated being able to finally have the white dish set I’ve been wanting. I was and am so very excited to finally have a complete single set that I can serve up to 8 people with and still have match.

Today, I had to deal with the uneasy aspect: I had to let go of the old dishes. Now, this wasn’t sudden to me. I knew I had to let them go, and even mentioned them last week.

But I think the difficult aspect was the memories I’ve had with these dishes. Both of these sets were given to me at my wedding and bridal shower, by close family friends. I had registered for them, and have enjoyed them all through these past 6 years.

They were all in great condition, which made it even harder. So, why did I go through with it? What spurred me on to post them for sale and then accept the money for them?

This picture right here:

Seeing the crisp clean white and everything neatly matching helped me.

Also, I gained the understanding that sometimes it is necessary to let go of things in order to move forward. The other option was to keep them on a shelf, let them gather dust and possibly get chipped or damaged while keeping them simply for sentiment.

Now, with selling them, I know they will be enjoyed and cared for by others while I get to enjoy this beautiful set.

I think many times we hold onto items because of guilt or feeling like we are obligated to. Letting go of things helps to keep it in perspective that items do not own us, but instead we are the ones who ultimately get to decide what stays in our space. I can choose which items to keep and which to get rid of based on whether or not it is useful to me, or whether it brings me joy.

This is a very freeing principle, and I feel by accepting the pain of letting go, I am also practicing that principle and have succeeded in gaining control over my home not only in terms of things but also emotionally.

Goodbyes are hard, even with items, but sometimes it is very necessary to let go. I love that minimalism has taught me this principle, and slowly I am beginning to embrace it, both the joy and the pain of letting go.

Have you struggled with letting go of perfectly usable items? What helped you decide that it was in fact the right decision? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Until tomorrow,

Mom Minimal

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