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Day Eighteen – The Before and After and the Journey Inbetween

Since I'm pretty new to this blogging thing, it's hard for me to remember to take before and after photos. Most of the before photos I post is after I've decluttered already for a few minutes. Which makes me feel worse, cause it means I really am a Slob, but I am ready to take on that title officially.

Admission is the first step to acceptance which is the first step to succeeding. I want to be a minimalist, and the only way I'm going to get there is by recognizing where I am in the process. I'm at the Slob step.

I came to that realization today as I went out to lunch with a friend. Granted I did have my kid with me and his stuff too, but I noticed that as we got our drinks and their straws we responded to the situation totally differently.

She took the straw paper and random pieces of paper and quickly tidied up her portion of the table by rolling the paper into a ball and placing it at the corner of the table.

I, on the other hand, had accumulated a pile of paper bits into a big mess on the side of the table. I felt embarrassed. I realized that it was not my first thought to tidy up. I had to take extra thought and effort to clean up after myself. Basically meaning I will leave a mess behind me, instead of cleaning up after myself.

I suppose that's why I feel so proud of myself when I do take the extra effort to be clean. It is an extra effort, but at the same time I have to make it habit so it won't be an extra effort in the future. I want to be congratulated on being so tidy, when in reality just having a clean place should be congratulations enough.

This realization makes me excited that maybe someday doing such things as cleaning up the table at a restaurant will be a mindless task, with no effort or thought involved.

Today I did my dishes again. Big whoop, I know, but I did take a before and after photo.

Here's the before:

And here's the after:

I wanted to show the before since it shows that between last night and this morning, things can get cluttered and filthy fast. Then the after photo is to show that I can get it cleaned up just as fast. I even scrubbed the sink to make it extra shiny.

My goal is to make it at least this tidy every single night. I want to wake up to this, or it being cleaner, every single morning.

This is my journey. I am a Slob. I want to be a minimalist. However, in the process I have to think of every single detail, but that's okay. One day it will be a mindless task, and then I will rejoice because I will then be able to focus my thoughts on bigger things, like the spontaneous date my husband took me on tonight.

Until tomorrow,
Mom minimal

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