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Day Five – It’s the Little Things

Today turned out to be a whirlwind day. What started out as helping a friend for an hour turned into working all day to get their house together. It was a lot of fun, but I was so thankful to get home.

Once again I rejoiced as I walked up the steps of my tidy porch, and saw my mostly clean kitchen. Husband and I had some Taco Bell for dinner, and soon put up our feet after a long day of work.

However, after baby boy drifted off to sleep in his crib I was reminded that I should at least do a quick pick up through the house, and see if any dishes needed done.

What reminded me was when I realized I had to be accountable and write another blogpost. See, being day five I should have something so exciting and revolutionary to write about. So, I got up and went into the kitchen. Again there weren't many dishes, but there was 6 bottles to be cleaned, and my cast iron pan had finished soaking from this morning.
Sure, they could wait until tomorrow, but what's wrong with doing them now?

Honestly, I couldn't help myself. The past few days I have been blessed to wake up to a clean tidy kitchen even though my dining room is under construction, and to come home to a clean porch every single day.

I have gained such a sense of peace and belonging and am starting to enjoy the dishes. Ok, maybe I don't enjoy them, but I definitely enjoy having them done.

Tomorrow is a designated day at home. I am going to get laundry done and pick a big project to tackle. I may run a quick errand in town and return some things. I will write all about it tomorrow night. For now, let me know in the comments what you have done today. Any big projects? Or have you kept the peace and just done what was necessary to keep moving forward? I'd love to hear all about it.

Here's a picture of my current favorite thing to see in the mornings:

P.S. I did wipe down my dishwasher before posting. This blog has helped me to see the little details that I normally don't even notice, and now when I look back this is cleaner. Yay!

Until tomorrow,

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