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Becoming a Minimalist as a First Time Mom

Day Four – A Day Away

Today is the day that I'm most afraid of. The one that consistently gets me back into my old habits of saying doing the dishes and making the bed don't matter. Today is the day I had to spend away from home.

By 7:30 am I was packing everything in the car with baby boy, kissed my husband before he left for work and left town to take baby to his appointment.

This day raises all sorts of valid excuses as to why I can't make the bed before I leave, or why the dishwasher won't get emptied and filled again. I mean, I'm gone, there are no dirty dishes, right?

Wrong. My husband had some peanut butter toast for breakfast, that's a plate and butter knife. Baby's bottles need sterilized, and we did eat dinner at home. That's enough dirty dishes in the sink for me to feel that things aren't okay and get discouraged.

The impressive part is I did have dinner ready at home with leftovers, so I was able to be frugal. Usually I'd just eat out on a day like today. Writing this blog and using my habit tracker has encouraged me to make certain the dishes are done, and the bed did get made this morning.

I once learned in college that it takes 32 days to make a habit. Whether or not the number is accurate it does inspire to say if I do the same thing again tomorrow, it's more likely that I will do it the next day too.

It felt wonderful coming home to a tidy home after a long day. Last night, my husband finished filling the dump trailer and the back porch is stunningly clean and swept. I loved walking up the steps onto a tidy porch, and into a clean home after today.

I'm coming down with a head cold, or allergies, I really don't know which, but I am finding that if I continue working each day on these tasks, life is just a little bit easier.

While I was out I did get a bedside organizer from T.J Maxx. I love it and it has helped to tidy my bedside must haves.

What do you think I should write on the chalk board?

How have you created lasting habits? I would love to hear what task you do each day that makes coming home even more joyous and peaceful for you.

Until tomorrow,

3 thoughts on “Day Four – A Day Away

  1. This is awesome! If you can go minimalist with a baby, then you are set for long-term success! It can be a tricky transition (one I’m working on myself actually). Kids make it so much harder. If you can establish this now…wow! Way to go!

    • Thank you so much! I’m really hoping this works and I want to create a long term system for success so that 20 years from now, I’m not going, “now why did I keep that?” Lol, I probably will anyways, but hopefully I can keep some part of my life orderly so I can enjoy it more fully.

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