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Day Fourteen – Not A Day of Rest

Sunday is my favorite day of the week, usually.

Usually I get to go to church, spend time with family and not do anything else. This one was a little different, I didn't get to go to church, but I did get to spend time with all of my family which was nice.

As for the not doing anything, well, that's not entirely accurate. I love Sunday to be a day of rest, but one thing I have noticed is that by 9 pm I am rushing about trying to get ready for Monday. I will have 10 things on my mind that I have to do on Monday and am already getting anxious about it.

I want to change that. I want to have things ready by Saturday night so Sunday can truly be a day of rest, the whole day.

So, to get started on that goal, I once again grabbed my bullet journal and worked on preparing my next month and week.

Last month I went very basic with my design so that I would just start using it. I didn't want to get too caught up in fancy design and not jot down all the details and things I needed. Now that I've accomplished using my bullet journal every day for a month and have seen what I need to have in it, I have been able to get a little decorative.

Here's my month of August:

I love the mountains and the stars, so it seemed fitting to include those on my birth month. I used the micron sakura pen for all of the black, but used a Copic multi liner for the gray mountains, and a gel pen for the stars. It also was a great opportunity to practice my hand lettering.

Here's my weekly layout:

I decided to include a scripture at the top, and include a little color with a blue gel pen. I really like being able to see whatever particular events and tasks I have that are day specific on the left, while getting a general to do list and grocery list on the right.

On the right page I am going to create a project list and habit tracker, but that will be left for tomorrow.

Speaking of my habits I did make my bed, get my dishes done today, and two loads of laundry. I am hoping tomorrow to sweep and mop my kitchen floor, and take care of a few other things that I will be sharing here tomorrow night.

I would like to have all laundry done by Friday night, and floors clean and fridge cleaned so that I can enjoy my weekend. I don't mind doing dishes, but it would be nice for that to be my main and only chore instead of rushing to get laundry done before 7am Monday.

What is your favorite day of the week to get laundry done? How do you use your bullet journal to keep the weekend a time of rest? Let me know in the comments.

Until tomorrow,
Mom minimal

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