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Becoming a Minimalist as a First Time Mom

Day Nine – The Closet

Clothes have to be the most frustrating thing to organize in my opinion. It doesn't matter how you fold, hang, or store them, clothes can quickly turn from a nice clean pile to a mess of wrinkled cat hair covered fabric.

I have went through my closet multiple times this year and have cleared out more than half. So, when you see this picture, understand it is after photo after all of that, but I still consider it as the before photo since it is not near what I want it to be.

It was such a unintelligible pile that I couldn't tell if I was grabbing a shirt or a skirt.
The outside the door was my-needed-to-be-put-away clothes.

These were the little socks, underwear, and a couple of spare items that are hard to keep sorted.

Now, a little in my defense, the closet is an odd shape and is really dark. My husband and I do have plans to open it up and put lights in and build a whole new organizing system, but until then I want to make what I have work.

I started by pulling out the blue bin on the left, it contained all of my denim skirts. I went through them and found my keepers, my maybes, the ones that I'm getting rid of, and a small pile of goal clothes. I have lost the baby weight, but am still aiming to lose a couple more pounds for my health.

The brown box contains the clothes that are my goal to fit into by the end of the year. Every other month I try them on and see if I can get rid of anything, or start using something.

The bin on the right contains the hardest clothes to fold: my over shirts. These are delicate little summer sweaters that will stretch if I put them on a hanger, but are too shapeless to fold. I truly have no idea how else to care for them and would love suggestions.

After I sorted the clothes into those big piles, I pulled out the remaining bins and began to put back only what I needed.

I also went through my hanging clothes and sorted out my nice go to shirts and my comfy T shirts. I got rid of a few shirts.

Finally, I went through some boots that were in the bottom and got rid of one pair as well as a pair of sneakers that I never wear.

Here is the pile of clothes I'm getting rid of:

And here is the closet:

The center bin is empty because as I was putting hints away the cat decided to try to go pee in that bin!! So, it all went in the wash with some white vinegar. Did you know vinegar gets rid of the ammonia scent so a cat won't pee in the same place again? It's the only thing that works that I know of.

My closet is far from done, but I think this was good progress. I'd like to go through my closet every month and pare down more.

Minimalism has really helped me to focus on what I envision myself dressing like. I don't plan on reducing to simple colors, but definitely want my wardrobe to be interchangeable and have quality staples that go with lots of outfit options.

One of the staples I am looking for is a classic white t shirt with a boat neck. I'd love that to put under a few of my different tops.

What are some of your favorite clothing staples? What checklist do you have for your clothes? I would love to hear some of your favorite clothing organizing methods in the comments.

Until tomorrow,

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