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Day Six – Small Habits Make Big Progress Easier

Some days turn out way different than you plan. I did have my wonderful day at home, but the progress I made wasn't the progress I planned.

I started my day with doing any and all dishes, and getting the laundry done. It was so lovely to only do two loads of laundry and to have them washed, dried, and folded within 2 hours!

My husband had to leave early for work so I was able to get an early start on my day as it meant I had to wake up early too. By 10 am, not only were dishes and laundry done but the house was swept and tidied and I was ready to go into town and run my errands with baby boy.

My errands in town were very successful, and I stopped by and saw my husband at work at lunch time. I was home by 2 and put the groceries away. Baby boy fell asleep on the way home, and after transferring him to his crib I was able to take a nap as well. Imagine that, I was able to nap in a clean home and not feel guilty about unfinished tasks. It was amazing.

However, after nap time was when I realized I had totally skipped lunch. This is one of my biggest issues that I am trying to conquer. I often forget to feed myself if I am not eating with others and usually just snack on things throughout the day. Then I am left cranky and hungry and not knowing what to do until dinner. Husband had to stay late at work, and so dinner ran a bit late.

I got pretty overwhelmed thinking about the bigger projects on our home and frustrated that I am unable to do anything until time, money, and help come together. It's very easy to get discouraged if you think that huge things need to be accomplished all at once.

After dinner I relaxed a bit and took care of baby boy until he went to sleep. Then I got up and did my dishes again. Normally, I would be too tired, but this week I have started my habit of doing dishes each night and it's making a difference. More than that though, big progress was made with little effort.

While doing the dishes, I started cleaning out a corner of my kitchen that has been piled with stuff for weeks. It wasn't something I thought hard about, or psyched myself up for, I just did it cause it made sense.

After I was done I was sort of amazed because it was so easy and made such a big impact on how my kitchen looks. I wish I had taken a before picture, but here is the after.

It used to be that you couldn't set anything there because it was covered in random stuff to the edge of the countertop.
It's still far from perfect but the little detail of the wooden box in the corner helped so much. I just tossed all the random bags of lentils and brown rice in since they have a shape that is hard to organize.

And yes, there is a sweet potato growing in my potato bin.

It felt like such a random day, but I'm seeing now that having some non negotiable constants, like dishes and a night time tidy up routine, really do make a huge difference in conquering those big piles that are normally way too overwhelming to deal with.

What techniques do you use to conquer or at least start on the overwhelming tasks?

Until tomorrow,

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