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Day Ten – Folding Laundry

Yesterday's post sparked me to continue trekking on with my closet. While my closet is far from finished, I decided to give the Marie Kondo method of folding a try to see if I could eliminate a few of the drawers on the right, and instead have everything delicately placed on a shelf.

Usually, I am very bad at folding. I can fold clothes, but they never stay folded. My husband on the other hand is a genius at folding anything. When we first got married I tried my best to fold his clothes and specifically his handkerchiefs. He has allergies and always carries a few with him at all times.

Unfortunately, no matter how I tried, my sweet husband would silently and lovingly refold them without mentioning a word to me. He loved that I tried and even though he tried to teach me a few times, I resigned myself to the fact that I simply couldn't fold clothes.

Because of this I almost always hang up my clothes to prevent wrinkles, then things like socks and underwear gets jammed into drawers. I have used A Slob Comes Clean method to only have as many as the container will hold, which has been amazing, but I still sought to find out if I could ever have my clothes neatly folded in the container they fit into and ready for use.

I heard about the Marie Kondo method a few months ago and was intrigued but didn't believe it was possible for my clothes to be folded neatly. I mean they are all different shapes and fabrics. They're so unique how could there be a standard method of folding? Also, I didn't believe I could learn how to fold, no matter how simple the directions. But I was curious, so today I decided to give it a try.

I have a set of black skirts that are varying types of fabric. One of them is very slippery and frustrating to hang or fold, so I thought this would be a good experiment.

I present experiment A:

I was quite surprised when in a few minutes, all of my skirts were very neatly folded and stacked! Now was the next experiment, could I transfer them into my closet without them just completely unfolding? I mean, if they moved would they just fall apart, that fabric was pretty slippery.

Here I present experiment B:

In the upper left is the stack of black skirts. I was astounded, as I moved them the stack felt very solid and sturdy. I got so excited that I folded several other things in the same manner, and as you see, got rid of two more drawers. Now I can clearly see what I have and get to them without totally undoing the stack.

I am still apprehensive as to how this method will hold up to the test of time, but truly only time will tell if I will be able to stay with this technique. I do have high hopes for it, however, as it does make my closet look much neater and prevents my clothes from being wrinkled.

The link to the YouTube tutorial I used is Here.

What method do you use to fold your clothes? Do you use the Marie Kondo method? If you do I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

Until tomorrow,

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