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Becoming a Minimalist as a First Time Mom

Day Three – Maintaining Progress

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is not getting rid of mountains of stuff, but instead making certain the mountain doesn't come back.

Spring cleaning is fantastic for getting a fresh perspective on life and home and getting a head start on those projects you've been avoiding since last fall. But that is just the thing, major cleaning is needed because of those major projects left to get worse until next spring.

I'm currently in the post-spring cleaning exhaustion looking towards the comfy fall season when I can curl up with my hot cup of coffee and a book on a cool day with the naive belief that those cleaning projects can wait until next year. I'm early, I know, but it is my favorite season. However, I want to avoid the throwing away more mountains of stuff next year and I believe that that can only be done by maintaining the progress I've achieved so far.

Minimalism has given me hope that this is possible. I've been in such a binge and purge pattern with spending and cleaning that for years I thought hoarding was a normal way of life that was impossible to get out of. For some people, it might be, and they may be totally happy that way, which is awesome for them. For me, however, I need bright, clean, and airy spaces that are warm and inviting to help me relax and know that I don't have to carry the entire world on my shoulders all the time. I can put my feet up, guilt free, and just enjoy time with my loved ones or with a good book and have a hint of feeling like I am Elizabeth Bennett in Pemberley.

That has been my focus today: maintaining my progress, not so much the Elizabeth Bennett part yet, not until fall.

My method of maintaining is to use my trusty bullet journal. I started using a bullet journal in April to help me keep up with my studies and I love it. However when transitioning from full time student to full time stay at home mom, I fell out of the practice of drawing delicate and whimsical weekly planners.

Now I have determined to use nothing more than my Micron pen and a 6" Wescott steel ruler to create the lists I need. Then I will actually use it, since I no longer feel intimidated by the pretty patterns.

Today I created a habit tracker. I have had one before that was monthly, but I feel that I need a weekly so I can adjust it to what I am actually working on.

Now I have a way to keep myself accountable on the monotonous tasks like dishes and laundry that otherwise I wouldn't even think about if I missed until I was in dire need of clothes or dishes.

How do you keep yourself accountable on the small but crucial daily tasks?

Until tomorrow,

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