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Day Twelve – Does it Stay or Does it Go?

There is a pile of clothes that have been circulating through my laundry room, but haven't been worn in months. A couple of skirts, a shirt, and a jacket.

I love each one of these articles of clothing so I promise myself I will fix them, but haven't gotten around to it. Either my schedule is too busy, I don't have my sewing machine handy, or I simply forget about them. They're definitely last on my list of things to do.

Today I tackled them. I couldn't find the pedal to my sewing machine so I tried it the old fashioned way, I hand sewed them.

These are two cloth skirts that are great for summer but had small holes. So I stitched them together. My other skirts are denim and though I gave a good try to one, I saw that it definitely needed a serger. My friend at church has one, and is a great seamstress so I carefully folded these skirts, put them in a tote bag and then in my car so they are ready and on their way to be fixed. Most importantly, they aren't on my dryer anymore!

If they can't be fixed then I will get rid of them accordingly, or just pass them on.

It feels so good to get a task done with in one way or another,and so I count it as progress made towards decluttering my home.

What have you decluttered today? How do you get rid of old clothes that aren't good enough for Goodwill? I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

Until tomorrow,

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