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Desk Top Declutter: From Cluttered to Minimalist

This may be something I’ll never understand, but why is it that the highest used workspace in the house, is also the most cluttered?  I mean, sure, the linen closets and spaces in the back of cabinets can hide clutter for years, and I mean years.  However, for the past 3 months I have been looking at my desk and throwing my hands in the air because I just don’t understand.

This is what it looks like on a good day!  I have sat down every week with the determination to get this desktop cleared off and ready for use, yet when I am done it will only look marginally better.

This time I was determined to change that.

My first step was to categorize the mess and pair like things with like things.

Kitty supervised the project.

I removed the two boxes for later sorting.  Then, I combined all of the chaotic paperwork to one side and just stacked it.  I threw away anything and everything that had no purpose and did those little tasks that are so annoying but make a big difference.  These tasks were little things like:

  • combining the warranty cards for the baby gear and putting them in my purse to be mailed
  • switching expired cards out of my purse for the current ones
  • throwing away little bits of things that I will never fix and have no idea what they go to
  • assigning a place for everything and a thing for every place

The last one is one that I struggle with a lot, but I find is so crucial to preventing clutter from being tossed anywhere.  One thing is that I never liked the official ‘in and out’ boxes.  They’re too big, and usually just hold a mountain of stuff I’ll never look at.  They’re not efficient to me.

Because of that I created a ‘file this’ shelf, and a ‘letters in’ shelf.  I like having specific to-dos assigned to each shelf instead of having random piles of, ‘Oh, I need to sort that sometime.’

I also made a receipts box, so I can toss all of the loose receipts into one clean box.

Having one purpose and one place for everything really helps me to keep everything easy to get to.  This little shelf box that my Dad made is perfect to hold my bullet journal, Bible, tablet, to-do list, and other necessities that I am always reaching for.

I can also apply a principle that isn’t always easy, but is so very needed, especially when you have so many things to do all the time.  That principle is to finish the task in hand.  Essentially, instead of tossing my purse onto the couch, I put it on the shelf under my desk.  I take that extra step to put whatever is in my hand away.  Then that is one less thing cluttering up a random spot in the house.

It’s something that I easily apply in the kitchen: wash the dish when done with it, or put the ingredient away.  However, when comes to the rest of the house I have more difficulty.

I am so pleased with the finished result of my desk.  The remaining piles are sentiment items my husband and I need to discuss, and coupons and gift cards that need to be used and tossed.  The file folder is part of another project, but I am very happy that now all of the loose papers for that project are kept in a neat folder until I am finished.

Later on I will be tackling those two shoe boxes, but for today I am done.  Now my task is to tidy my desk every night and to put that in my habit tracker.

Until tomorrow,




2 thoughts on “Desk Top Declutter: From Cluttered to Minimalist

  1. Perfect!! My problem is my desk is only big enough for my computer, and a tiny plant.
    ans the 2 side shelves have the tower, an the power strip- upright one.
    Ergh! Therefore my side table is piled high, on top of the printer!
    I only have a tiny bedroom, and no where else to put stuff. I already have my sewing table in the closet!
    I enjoy reading your solutions!

    • I can imagine how that would be frustrating. I used to live in a camper trailer and it was so very hard to have any clear space to work. It really put the, ‘put everything back when done,’ habit into me, haha.
      I’m so glad you like my solutions!
      Thank you! 🙂

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