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Hello February Monthly Layout

This month has flown by so fast!  I’m now 23 weeks pregnant, and getting prepared for my third trimester and am already nesting.  I’m not sure if my bullet journal has made the nesting better or worse, haha.

I have planned out my first few pages of February, and added 2 new collections.

Now that I’ve been far more active on Twitter and Instagram, I decided to add a subscriber collection so I can track how much my accounts grow and how fast.  I plan to shade in each banner and write the date when I reach each number.

On the next page I finally added a books to read collection.  I put this one off for a while, but my husband added this collection to his bujo, and I realized I had quite a few books on my own reading list.  I still have more to add to this shelf, and when I finish each book I will color them in.

Here is my Hello February page.  This style of page has worked so well for me to keep track of appointments, birthdays, and when bills are due.  I went with a gold, pink, and gray theme for this month since Valentine’s day is coming up.  I loved using my Safe-T Compass to decorate the page, and drew little hearts which were then filled in with my pink gel pen.

The next page has my trusty budget and check register.  I changed the budget list a little bit to include the savings we need to put together before baby comes.

I also changed the way I wrote my Need vs Want from last month.  This I feel goes way better with my style and fits with the soft Valentine’s theme.

=On the next page, before starting my weekly, I added in my new brain dump pages.

I loved using these through January, and was able to really write down and see what projects and ideas I’ve been thinking about.  Putting ideas on paper makes them see far more tangible and able to be sifted to decide which goals I really want to go for.  I also have my Be Creative page, to encourage me to pursue something creative, and not goal oriented.  I find if I get too into my goals, that I forget to just play and have fun.  Because of this, it’s so very important for me to set aside time and space for me to play.

I decided to continue to use the same weekly layout I am using in January.  It has been really nice to have a more relaxed list where I can add things in on a whim.  These tasks are no less important than when I had a more defined task list, but now they seem almost easier and less daunting than having one giant list.

It’s amazing to me how just some subtle design changes can make a difference to how we tackle projects and goals.  I love being able to play and create a more aestetically pleasing layout while still accomplishing things with the same fierocity as I did before.

How have you planned out February?  Have you implemented Valentine’s Day into your theme?  I’d love to see how you created your bullet journal layouts.

Until Tomorrow,


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