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Meal Prep: Bacon and Brussel Sprout Skillet

Meal prepping is my passion.  Since my husband and I got married I have been curating recipes and trying to help us eat healthy and on a tight budget.  One of the reasons this passion was ignited in me is because of the scripture Proverbs 31.

A virtuous woman is knwon to care for her household by providing good food for her family, which is shown in verse 14: “She is like the merchants’ ships; she bringeth her food from afar.”

Then again in verse 15: “She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.”

I want my family to eat like kings, but I also do not want to stress our budget to the point that we can’t care for the other necessities.  Because of this I often take a couple days out of the week and prepare large meals that can be easily portioned into lunches and snacks.

On this blog I would like to highlight one recipe every week to show how I take just a few ingredients and make them last.

The first meal is a bacon and brussel sprout skillet.  Because the main ingredients are bacon and egg, it is an excellent breakfast dish, but my husband and I love it so much that we eat it for lunches and sometimes dinner as well.

Yesterday, I prepared it for dinner then portion it out for lunches.

Meal prepping with a toddler isn’t easy.  He loves to be involved in everything I’m doing, because of this one of my favorite tricks is to do most of my preps during nap time.  My son loves to nap for about 2 hours right after lunch, so I take this opportunity to handle the most challenging tasks of the meal: especially the raw meat, and chopping vegetables.

This dish is made up of bacon, brussel sprouts, eggs, and if you want, rice.  I don’t always include the rice, like last night, but I do if I really want to make the recipe stretch.

My first step, while little M is napping of course, is to chop the brussel sprouts and fry the bacon.

I usually use between 2-3 pounds of brussel sprouts, but it is very dependent on the season and how good of quality they are.

I do have a great little device that you can put your brussel sprout into and it quarters it, but the brussel sprouts were too large to fit so I chopped them into quarters by hand after removing the stems.

For the bacon, my husband requested thick cut Applewood smoked bacon, but you can use your favorite kind.  It takes about a pound of bacon.

I always cook this dish in a dutch oven or a large stock pot.  Once everything is combined it takes up a lot of space, and I like to use the same pan for the entire cooking process, both for easier cleaning and to help season everything.

Before I cook the bacon I cut the strips into quarters, then after it’s all fried up I dice it into little pieces.  One of the big things to remember is to keep the bacon grease.  This is important for seasoning later.

At this point, I set aside everything until closer to dinner time when I put toddler in his high chair, and combine everything.

If you are including rice I would put it in the rice cooker at this point and get it started.  I usually use 2 cups of white rice, with 2 1/2 cups water.

I use the same pan for the entire dish, and after I cook up the bacon, I fry up the brussel sprouts in the bacon grease until they are softened and have a golden tint to them.

After they are cooked, I would either push the brussel sprouts to the side, or put them in a bowl.

Now, I scramble 8-10 eggs in a dish with a little half and half.

Eggs don’t scramble so pretty, so I admit I didn’t take any photos of that process.

When the eggs are scrambled, but not quite dry, I put the brussel sprouts, bacon, and rice back in and give everything a good stir to combine.

Dinner is served!

I love how this dish is so easy, makes a lot, and is on the cheap side.  It is highly dependent on the quality of brussel sprouts however so I consider it to be a good winter comfort dish.


Bacon Brussel Sprout Skillet


2-3 lbs. Brussel Sprouts

1+ lb. Bacon

8-10 Large Eggs

2 Tbls. Half and half

2 C. White Rice (or any kind you prefer)

2 1/2 C. Water (for cooking rice)


  1. Fry bacon in a stock pot, and chop brussel sprouts into quarters.  Once bacon is fried, dice into pieces and set aside.  Keep the bacon grease in the stock pot.
  2. Start rice in rice cooker with water.
  3. Fry the brussel sprouts in the bacon grease until softened and golden brown.  Set aside in a bowl.
  4. Combine Eggs with 2 tbls. Half and Half in a bowl and stir.  Pour eggs into hot stock pot and scramble.
  5. Add the cooked brussel sprouts, diced bacon, and rice, and stir to combine.
  6. Serve immediately.

Note: This dish keeps well in the fridge or freezer in lunch boxes and is easy to heat up in the microwave for later.


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