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My Very Delayed Coffee Bar Decluttering Project

This was a decluttering project I was looking forward to back in August.  My husband built me a coffee bar as a sweet way to say he loves me, and to care for me, since sometimes those mornings, (middle of the nights) are hard for a new mom.

I love this coffee bar, and collected things for it for over 6 months, waiting for the day it was finished.  Only 2 days after it was completed, my kitchen water pipe blew, and the project had to be rebuilt.  Well, I am excited to say that it is back in order, and while we have more to do, these shelves are ready for use.

While the kitchen was being put back together, I stashed a bunch of things up there waiting for today’s project: Decorating my coffee bar.

I started by pulling off all of the coffee cups, tea pots, and glass jars and cleaning them.

I picked up the glass jars at Hobby Lobby last month for only $5 a piece.  After I cleaned them with white vinegar, I filled each one with my most reached for ingredients: tea, sugar, cocoa, marshmallows, and K-cups.

Eventually, I will be switching away from k-cups and going strictly to coffee beans, but until this is finished I use k-cups once every day.

Here are my finished shelves:

The top shelf had already been simplified and decorated for now.  I may move or get rid of the cobalt jars later as I have no use for them, but I am waiting for my kitchen to be totally finished before making that executive decision.  I prefer clear jars for storage.  If I don’t see what is in the jar, I will forget about it and won’t use it for months (and even years in some cases, haha.)

The last thing I decorated my shelves with was these two Pinky Up Cat mugs.  My husband got me these for Christmas with matching tea bag rests, and I love them.

It has been difficult going through a major remodel, but I am so happy that I can now decorate my home.  I may not have gotten rid of anything today, but I found a place for all of my favorite things.  Now, every time I look at my coffee bar and those shelves I smile, and truly that is the purpose of home decor.

Until tomorrow,

Mom Minimal


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