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New Year, New Layout

The past few weeks I’ve been thinking and pondering how I want to update my bullet journal in preparation for the new year.  I have been watching lots of YouTube tutorials and have fallen in love with a new look.

My latest inspiration is Jenny Journals.  Her tutorials and videos are so beautiful!  I love her style and how she explains what she does.  Her structure seems to be the perfect balance of practical and fun, and in the end all of her creations are simply gorgeous!  (Seriously, go check out her channel!)

Previously my method for journaling has been strictly business.  I kept it incredibly simple and only allowed little bits of flourish here and there.  I was concerned that if I made it too decorative I would be afraid to actually use it and make a mess out of it.  Also, I was worried that if I didn’t have it structured that I would feel chaotic and again would not use it.

Here’s a look at my previous weekly layout:

This worked excellently for me for the last half of the year.  I used it without concern and was able to pick it up if I ever forgot it for a few days and continue where I left off.

Now I’m getting a bit adventurous and want to try out some new things.  Some things I noticed was that I didn’t use the notes area very much at all.  Almost every week it would be left blank.  The habit tracker worked beautifully, and I did excellent at keeping it up to date.  The week on the left side was perfect for listing appointments, and kept me from over scheduling myself.  My rule was to have no more than 3 events or appointments a day.  Any more than that I truly can’t handle with all of my other responsibilities.

Since I have that rule well in place, I am now seeing that instead of needing a task list for the week, I need a daily task list.  I have begun meal prepping again, and I want to be able to write out which meal to cook for which day.  I also want to keep up on bill payment at the beginning of the week, instead of leaving it for anytime that week.

Here is my new weekly layout:

I went for a much bigger yet more simple layout.  I’ve fallen in love with this type of writing and really wanted to implement it into my bullet journal.  I kept my most important things: weekly layout, habit tracker, and grocery list.

The habit tracker has stayed the same.

I’ve added Instagram and Twitter to it to remind me to keep updated on my social media.  I love Instagram and want to take better photos.  To do that I have brought my camera back out and started using it again.  I’ve never been good with Twitter, but this past week I’ve been trying to be far more active and have learned how to use it.  I’m starting to enjoy it more than facebook, which is really good.  Twitter helps me be productive while facebook doesn’t.

Overall, I am very excited to use this new layout and I can’t wait to see how well it works this week.

What is your favorite bullet journal layout?  Do you have a notes area?  How do you use your bullet journal for meal planning?

Until Tomorrow,

Mom Minimal

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