Day Two

Hello again, I hope the title isn't boring already, but I'm quite enjoying the accountability of it.  I think though I will add a headline with it to help differentiate what was focused on each day.

For instance today was; getting a start by doing the normal.

Dana from A Slob Comes Clean made the wonderful, and terrible, realization that the quickest way to a clean house is by doing daily tasks, every single day. Yes, even the dishes. Actually, especially the dishes.

So that was my focus today, as well as the laundry. It was quite boring, but oh so encouraging. I started my day starting the dishwasher while drinking my coffee and feeding baby in his high chair.  Then I made my bed, something that is quite hard for me since I'm short and can't really reach.  I always make excuses but recently I realized that if I don't make my bed, then I don't see the laundry.

When the comforter is rumpled I can't see that there is dirty laundry, or even clean laundry to be put away.  I figured out that not only do I need the dishes every morning, but I need to make the bed as well. That way I can see what needs to be done that day. Which is why I also don't usually make the bed, then I don't have to see what needs done, but then I get anxious that the room isn't clean, and off into a circle of anxiety I go.

Once I made the bed I tackled the laundry by taking all of the clothes that were lying everywhere and putting them all on top of the made bed.  This helped me to see the extent of the problem of laundry and an end to it.  Then I got to sorting clean versus dirty, and which clothes belong to which person.

After all the laundry was finally sorted, washed, dried, and folded I finally saw one of the contributing factors to my laundry pile problem: the diaper changing table.  My son grew too big to be put on his changing table 2 months ago and since then it has been a wonderful place to toss laundry and other odds and ends that don't have a specific home. Once I figured that out, I removed the cushion that made it a changing table and changed it into a 3 tier dresser. Genius, huh? Well, it's probably what anybody else would have figured out 2 months ago, but I'm so happy I figured it out before he turned a year.

It's not exactly minimal yet, but it is far better than it was and I am quite happy with it so far.

Today I learned that I need to do certain tasks every single day, and that if I do those I will be able to see the bigger problem that is causing me to feel overwhelmed and anxious.  So far those tasks are: wash the dishes and make the bed. Let's see if I can do at least that tomorrow.

What is your daily task that you must do to see what else needs done?

Until tomorrow,