The Comfort of Routine

After a wacky and crazy week, I was surprised by how excited I was to get back into my routine.

You would think things like doing the dishes and sweeping the floors would make me dread routine, but instead I found delight and even joy in the midst of cleaning my home and putting things where they should go. That comfort of basic routine encouraged me to tackle some bigger projects as well.

If you’ve noticed I’ve quit numbering my days. I feel comfortable in my routine and since I’ve successfully completed 30 days of a basic cleaning routine I don’t think it’s necessary to continue numbering each blog post. I will continue to write daily and update you on all of my new projects.

I awoke early this morning and first went to the store to get some dinner items. While I was there, I picked up another set of the white dishes.

My husband and I discussed it and decided that it would be best to have enough dishes for thanksgiving, while keeping some of the dishes in the back of my cupboard. Then if we have more guests we will be able to serve them with no issue of matching dishes.

I was excited to find that they were still on the incredible deal of only $15 for a 16 piece set. The open stock dish ware was on a buy one get one half off, so I picked up a decorative pitcher and another piece as well.

When I got home, I went straight into my garden and picked some wild crocosmias to put into my new white pitcher.

After that I tackled an area in my kitchen that’s been bugging me for awhile.

I do like these little containers, but it is so hard to put the utensils in that I decided to simplify it to one big crock.

I did a bit of decluttering while choosing what would go into this crock, and only put things in that I would grab for while cooking. I was left with a few extra things, such as a can opener and a pizza cutter that needed a place to go.

My kitchen only has 4 drawers. It’s something that surprised me when we bought it, and admittedly 2 of them have become junk drawers.

I decluttered this today too. I have another place for all of my candles, so I put all the candles together in my laundry room. Also, all of the matches and flashlights went in there too. The other odds and ends got sifted and some things were thrown away.

Here is the final result with my other kitchen utensils.

These are all items that I know will usually be used when getting ready to serve food, so it makes sense to me that they are just under my baking drawer and my silverware drawer.

Once I got everything organized and my countertops cleared off, I finally worked on planting my succulents.

I’ve had these for a couple months, and am a bit embarrassed to say that they’ve been neglected, but have new growth and the petals are still quite strong.

Finally, I made dinner.

I cooked up a chicken and prawn gumbo served over rice (in my pretty white bowls). My husband gave it two thumbs up and said I could make it again anytime, so the recipe is definitely a win. I found it on Pinterest Here.

Overall, I am so happy with how much I got done today. I am still sticking to my habit tracker which has done amazing at keeping me right in track and moving forward.

Do you find routine helps you tackle the bigger projects? What helps you stay on track with routine and projects? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Until tomorrow,

Mom Minimal