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The 3 Non-Negotiables of Tidying Up

Even as a minimalist, my house is rarely, what you would call ‘tidy.’  Being a mom of a toddler, wife of a contractor, and always in the middle of a declutter project; it seems like my house is always changing and transforming.

I love minimalism because it keeps tidyness at the forefront of my mind as a goal.  While I will probably never achieve the level of minimalism where I know exactly how many articles of clothing I own, I do use the definition of minimalism to help keep my home in a state of peace and joy.

When we are elbow deep in projects, and trying to balance the many different responsibilities we have, my husband and I have settled that there are 3 definite things that must be done daily; no matter what.

First, the bed must be made every single morning.

Sometimes I do it, sometimes my husband does, but irregardless of what time it is we always make certain the bed is made.  This past week I was able to buy matching night stands that are small but perfect in size to hold a lamp and a coaster and not much else.  This helps to keep our room looking tidy so we don’t toss too much stuff onto them.

Having a made bed really does set a mood for the day, and even on the off chance that it doesn’t get made in that first 10 minutes of the day, one of us will usually make it the next time we walk into our room.

The second non-negotiable task is the dishes.

Before bed every night, the dishwasher gets started no matter what.  Then every morning, after breakfast, I unload the dishwasher and wipe down the counters.  This makes certain that we always have the clean dishes we need for meal prep, and also helps keep a feeling of cleanliness and tidiness.

Of course, as you can see, there’s little things that toddlers leave around to help decorate.  (See if you can spot the random magnetic letter, haha.)

Having and empty and clean sink and counter really sets the mood that the home is ready for whatever the day hands us to do.

Finally, my coffee station.

This is where we start and end our day.  In the morning, it’s where I make my coffee, and at night, it’s where my husband makes our peppermint hot cocoas.

Having this area tidy and stocked helps my husband and I to start and end our day on a great, and sweet, note.

The rest of the house is under decluttering and decorating status, and so at any given moment there may be a project on the dining table, or toys strewn across the living room floor.  As time passes, we hope to include picking up the toys before bed, and clearing the dining table as our nightly tasks.  For now, these are the 3 things we always do to help our house feel like a clean and well-managed home.

What are your non-negotiable daily tasks?  I would love to hear your view on what is necessary to make a home feel welcoming and peaceful.

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2 thoughts on “The 3 Non-Negotiables of Tidying Up

  1. So, you have a toddler, and are pregnant, right? Just trying to make I know where I’m at here!!
    I just found you, and so glad I did. I’m a Christian too. Trying, not so successfully to be a minimalist too. A blogger, and an “Omie” (grandmother) who lives with my 2 babies, and oldest daughter. whew, kids make messes!!
    But I do try to get dishes done every day. I say “Trying”! Never make my bed, unless it’s for a special event!! I still can’t buy into the “makes everything better” mindset. I’m 56, so I doubt that one will ever change! lol
    I enjoy your posts!

    • Hello!
      Yep, I am 23 weeks pregnant with a boy, and have a boy toddler who is 16 months old. I think I am following your blog, and will double check to make sure as I remember some of your posts. That’s awesome that you live with your daughter and family, but yes, kids make lots of messes as I am discovering, haha.
      Thank you! 🙂

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