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The Practical Purpose of Home Decor

If you had asked me what purpose home decor had a year ago, I would have said none except to be admired.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly believed that fresh flowers can have an amazing impact on cozying up a home, but other than that, decor to me seemed like nothing but clutter. My opinion of that being formulated by the fact that I had lots of home decor, and very little of it brought me any joy.

Each piece seemed to clutter up the space and remove peace. Each item was also something extra to be cleaned, and that was one thing I could never get into the habit of doing: wiping down and dusting each and every little nick knack.

Despite my opinion, as I said before, I have accumulated a lot of home decor while trying to sort out what my particular style is. Yet, the irony is that I did not find my style by accumulating items, but by getting rid of them.

Once I found that I could easily and almost guiltlessly get rid of various items through minimalism, I discovered what items I truly treasured. This idea even translated into my shopping habits.

My wedding anniversary is coming up, and my husband came up with the idea that we should buy one particular item for our home as an anniversary present to each other. So, last weekend we got in the car and took a trip to one of our favorite home decor stores. This was a store that previously I had drooled over, and maybe on, many items and the idea of going there gave me a thrill.

However, the strangest thing happened. We had our carefully budgeted funds, and a few different ideas for what we were looking for. We even found a few items within our price point that were very close to what we wanted. But in the end? We came home with nothing.

As we were shopping we discovered that we weren’t in love with a single piece of furniture or decor there. We decided we would much rather save our money and wait until the ideal piece was found.

Instead I found an elegant little autumn decor piece at a local store and we went home. That’s when I discovered the purpose of home decor.

I dusted off my piano and pulled off the piles of sheet music. Of course, I took a before picture.

Then I placed my little pumpkin in the corner.

I discovered that if I delicately and purposefully decorate a place, then I won’t use it as a random workspace. I won’t toss sheet music on top of my glass pumpkin like I would on an empty flat surface.

So, while I would prefer to be totally minimalistic and have no or very little home decor, I find that it is better if I do go ahead and decorate my home for the purpose of encouraging me to keep everything neat and tidy.

Let me know if you decorate to help keep things tidy, or do you find decor to just be clutter with no purpose.

Until tomorrow,

Mom Minimal

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